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This skin was created by Captain Knows Best using tutorials by Hardrock, Glintz and Asistencia Foroactivo.
Edits were done by Tony of TMG. The graphics also by Tony of TMG.

The fandoms The Hunger Games and Harry Potter were created by none other than Suzanne Collins and J.K. Rowling. The plot was created and developed by the staff team at TMG. All subplots, characters, etc. are product of TMG Members. Please don't steal it isn't nice.
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on Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:24 pm

The Magic Games as a few simple rules that should be followed at all times. It's important to read these so you know how our site works.


 Firstly, you must be 13 years of age to join TMG. If you are not yet 13, please come back when you are. The reason for this is because of the content of the forum.


When you do register, your name must be in all caps in the following format: FIRST MIDDLE LAST. The middle initial or name is completely optional and not required in a username. Upon registration, you should post in the Introductions forum. However, make sure that there isn't another character wit the name already when you create your account(s).


All characters can be anywhere from 13 years of age and up. Our interesting plot has changed the Reaping age from 12-18 to 13-21. Read more about the plot here. When creating characters, please make sure that the face you choose can realistically play that aged character. So a 50 year old woman shouldn't be playing a 15 year old girl. It doesn't make sense.

We love, love, love heroes and heroines. However, please don't make a perfect character! Everyone has flaws, everyone has something that they can't stand. Something that haunts them. Be as realistic as possible. If you don't know how to do this, it is a good idea to use the regular app instead of the freeform app.

On that note, please make original characters. Don't try to rip off someone else's ideas, that's not cool at all! If you have problems coming up with a good personality feel free to ask someone for help.

When you finally complete your application and post it, a staff member will be sure to read over it within a few days. If they don't see it, it is kind to send a reminder, however, we are all busy, so be sure to keep patience. Likewise, if you don't have your application up within decent time your account has a good chance of being removed to keep the site clean of extra accounts lying around!

So you've finished your first character, and you want more. There is not a current limit to the amount of characters you can play, but be sure that you can play all of them when you make them!

Roleplaying on TMG is similar to other sites. We have no word count, however 5 sentences is suggested for a good experience. Be sure to roleplay only in the 3rd person, and as if the scene already happened (past tense). You are telling a story as if you are writing a book about the character yourself. No controlling other characters or giving your character power he or she doesn't possess.

Our roleplay is rated PG-13 please stick to that. Fade-to-black is suggested for sexual-oriented scenes. 

Activity is important here on TMG. However, we understand that people have lives and get busy. Stay active as possible and only take on as many characters as you can handle. It is fine at any time to let one go, just let an administrator know of the situation.

All avatars need to be 250x400. Signatures cannot be larger than 500 width and 250 height. This is set into place so that the site looks presentable! Please follow these guidelines for your futher graphics making. We also ask that any posting codes don't exceed 550px width as well. Please follow accordingly. If you need someone to create a graphic for you, that section is located here.

We have two Cboxes. One is only accessible to the members, which can be used for tagging or updates, etc. The real cbox is in the table at the head of the site below the navigation. Please be nice, no advertising, and you can add an icon if you want.

We want to be a great big family! Please if you have any issues with anyone squash them. If you possibly need staff intervention, let us know and we can handle it for you.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in warnings and depending on the seriousness of the situation, banning from TMG.

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