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Mystic Guardians

on Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:10 pm
Mystic Guardians is an original, modern, supernatural roleplay. We are based on the idea that witches are humans who were gifted magic by ancient gods to protect their race from supernatural predators. We have a minimum word count of 350, a relatively simple application, and no limit on the number of characters you can have!

Plot Synopsis:

Several millennia ago the Greek goddesses Themis and Dike realized the injustice of leaving humans defenseless against the supernatural predators that stalked their world. Armed with a plan to give select humans the ability to protect their race with the gift of magic the goddesses set out to make this plan happen. They were met with resistance from their own pantheon, but found support in the Egyptian goddess Isis. As both a mother goddess and a goddess of magic, Isis was more than willing to help them bring this plan to fruition. And so, with some more planning, the first lines of witches were created.

Fast forward to modern times where an organization known as the Paranormal Research, Acquisition, and Defense Agency has taken route. This agency was founded by paranormals for paranormals. Their main goal is to keep the supernatural and human worlds separate, but also to protect the humans from the dangers of the supernatural world. Needless to say their main prerogative occasionally clashes with the main prerogative of witches; which remains the protection of humans from the supernatural predators of the world.

To make matters more complicated an even newer organization; known only as Infernius, has cropped up. Rumor on the street is that it's headed by a warlock named Alejandro DeSalvo, and the main prerogative of Infernius is the destruction of both witches and P.R.A.D.A. Adding credence to those rumors is the fact that witches and agents alike have gone missing off the streets. Can P.R.A.D.A and witches find a way to work together despite their tendency to butt heads? Or will Infernius end up on top? More to the point; when entire covens go missing, who will be there to protect the humans that this leaves defenseless?

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