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Edits were done by Tony of TMG. The graphics also by Tony of TMG.

The fandoms The Hunger Games and Harry Potter were created by none other than Suzanne Collins and J.K. Rowling. The plot was created and developed by the staff team at TMG. All subplots, characters, etc. are product of TMG Members. Please don't steal it isn't nice.
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on Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:51 pm

The Magic Games has a few races that are able to be played at this time. Suggestions to add onto these are allowed.

 Humans, also known as muggles have no magical abilities. They are considered pure. Humans usually come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. During the Games, the donors worship the ground the human children walk on. This is why the majority of the Victors are in fact, human.

Wizards were the ones that tried to save the citizens of Panem from their misery. After losing the war, some Wizards were captured indefinitely. However, the magic still remains. Most need a wand to perform more difficult spells (wands of which have been destroyed. Therefore, these with the magic only perform small tricks. However, older and experienced Wizards may be able to perform more advanced tricks without a wand. Wizards often define themselves by the purity of their blood. Not that it matters socially anymore because of their current state. Different attributes posessed by Wizards (legilimency, occlumency, animagus, metamorphmagus etc.) are forbidden in Panem.

 Werewolves are the luckiest of them all. These Humans and sometimes Wizards can transform at will into this particular creature. These are the rarest in races in Panem. This is because 75% of them were killed during the War or are being used for testing for the Magic Games. Under the full moon, these creatures become very deadly, and transform without consent by the one him or herself. Time has allowed Werewolves to control themselves while under the transformation without the need for Wolfsbane Potion or any medical treatment.

 Ghosts are the disembodied spirit of a once living creature. A long time ago, only magical beings could become ghosts, now anyone can after death. Ghosts usually have strong connections to places that they haunt. They are also only seen by those who they want to see them. Ghosts of course do not participate in the Magic Games.

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