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Economic Hierarchy

on Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:52 pm

Panem after the boundaries were broken is set up a little different. Please read all the information below to learn about the new country that has risen from the ashes.


The Upper Classes of panem are TheCapitol, District One, District Two, District Six, and District Twelve. The Upper Class also contains the four of the five Career Districts.

THE CAPITOL. The Capitol has always been the richest location in Panem. After the boundaries were broken, the Capitol was of course mostly populated by wizards and muggles. However after the war, only few wizards are allowed to remain, because most were sent into the Districts. The Capitol does not produce any kind of resources for the country. They are simply the same, however the racism towards the magics is inevitable here. Peacekeepers have moved from Two to the Capitol for their headquarters.
DISTRICT ONE. Coming in second place to the Capitol, but first in the Districts, District One produces luxury, which the Capitol sadly cares about the most. This makes them receive the most money from the Capitol, and have them being the richest District in the country. District One is one of the five Career Districts.
DISTRICT TWELVE. And the third spot belongs to District Twelve. After the defeat of President Snow back in the olden days, Twelve became famously popular mostly because Katniss was the Victor reigning from that District. However, instead of producing coal, District Twelve is now considered a medicinal District. Once the Games were installed, Twelve was moved up to become a Career District. Probably for sport. "If Katniss can do it, they can too."
DISTRICT TWO.  Place four is for District Two. No longer the Capitol's favorites anymore, District Two is considered to be doing less than they were before. Still wealthy however. This District is still in this state of economic power because they produce weapons. The majority if not maybe all of the weapons that they produce are in fact used during the Magic Games. District Two is still puts up the strongest Tributes as the most powerful Careers.
DISTRICT SIX. District Six has bumped up quite a few notches. To place number five, Six after the boundaries were broken were responsible for transportation at Platform 9 3/4 from both sides. From this they gained wealth. Not to mention back home they still developed numerous means of transportation for the country as a whole.


 The Middle Classes of Panem are District Three, District Four, District Five, and District Seven. The middle class contains one of the five Career Districts.

DISTRICT FOUR. Place six is honorably given to District Four. This District still has the industry of Fishing. They also send the most aqua-rated Tributes into the Arena. District Four despite being middle class, is still a Career District.
DISTRICT FIVE. Place Seven goes to District Five. The District that powers all of Panem is still middle class even though you'd expect different. The people here seem to almost be too normal.
DISTRICT THREE. District Three in the middle classes takes eighth place. The eight richest location in Panem has the smartest people. They usually send the very sneaky and intelligent with a hint of clever Tributes into the Arena. After the war, District three had to work hard to help repair damages done to technology, as well as create new ones.
DISTRICT SEVEN. District Seven finishing up the middle class takes 9th place. These people still produce your lumber, they're still strong. Now, they also win more games. Those axes and trees built muscle eh?

 The Lower Classes of Panem are District Eight, District Nine, District Ten, and District Eleven. The lower classes have the most population of Magical Beings.

DISTRICT NINE. Almost tying with Ten and Eleven, District Nine takes Tenth place. Still considered Panem's breadbowl, the people provide the country with the best breads possible.
DISTRICT TEN. A fan favorite during the Games at this point, the butcher's kids from Ten take Eleventh place. District Ten has proved that they can be strong in these Games, somehow boosting Capitol confidence in them. The District still provides livestock and livestock product to the country.
DISTRICT ELEVEN. District Eleven takes Twelfth place. Having deaths like Rue and Thresh you'd think that the District would be at the top now. Not really. Apparently after the boundaries were gone, Eleven was too. They still provide agricultural products to the country.
DISTRICT EIGHT. Fashion isn't a priority anymore. When people can use their slaves to just zap up and outfit, the need for knitting and sewing is minimal. District Eight still produces however, the crazy fashions of the Capitol as well as Peacekeeper uniforms. The fashionistas take last place.

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