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Panem Constitution

on Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:54 pm

The Panem Constitution was installed directly after the muggles' win of the Great War.

 All citizens of Panem as of today's date January 1st, 1 AW must follow all amendments in the Constitution. Each year the reading of the amendment will take place before the first Reaping of the first Magic Games of that given year. These amendments are as follows and are subject to change at any given time by the Panem Government. Thank you for you cooperation.

 All Panem residents are required to register at the first Reaping of each year, no exceptions. Those who do not register will be founded guilty of witholding information from the Government and will be punished. Children are not considered true adults until age 21, when they usually are allowed to leave the home of the guardian(s).

The following actions are (but not limited to) prohibited within Panem:

  • Murder
  • Theft
  • Violence
  • Homosexuality
  • Freeing slaves
  • Use of magic without registration
  • Use of magic in a public setting
  • Leaving District boundaries
  • Meetings without goverment approval
  • Refusal to watch the Magic Games
  • Refusal to comply with the reaping bowl
  • Disrespect to government authorities

The forest belongs to those who are deemed unworthy of coming into Panem. There they will stay until death. visiting them or helping them is prohibited. They are considered outsiders. They stay outside.

 Twice each year a Magic Games will be held. Anyone ages 13-21 can be reaped for the Games. A boy and a girl will be selected. Refusal to comply with the rules or the set up of the Games will result in immediate death. Volunteers are allowed. however they must be of age. Upon being reaped the Tributes will then enter the Arena and fight to the death until one lone Tribute crowned Victor remains.

 Peacekeepers in each District must have record of your Job or you will be punished. Black markets are prohibited. Selling merchandise without giving 25% of the earnings to the Capitol will be punished. Children will be taught in homes. School is not in session until further notice.

Slaves: Those who are deemed of high ranking will be able to receive a slave or slave(s). These slaves are there for their benefits and needs. Slaves running away is prohibited. Slaves are only magical beings.

Orphans: Orphans if not adopted by age 15 and are magical beings will be put into the Slave System.

Failure to comply with any amendments will result in punishment of death or whipping.

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